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Stay updated with the latest information on the first-rate Williamson, Wilcoxon, and OpTest sensor products we offer at Stapleman Corporation in Glendale, WI. As your reliable partner in factory automation, we strive to provide you not only with superb products but relevant and helpful information as well. Check out the most recent industry news here!

Vibration Calculator Available

Enter acceleration in g's and see velocity in/sec or displacement in inches or mils, and more. Temperature conversions, frequency from Hz to cpm, and many other conversions are possible.  Get it at Wilcoxon's Knowledge Desk -

Fibril Analysis now available 
OpTest now has a way to measure fibrils on the FQA360 pulp analyzer.  Fibrils are the latest measurement of interest in pulp measurements.  Before now there was no accurate or traceable way to make the measurement.  OpTest's dual polarization makes an accurate measurement possible and it is now traceable to international standards.  Best of all it can be added to existing OpTest FQA360 pulp analyzers.  Check it out at

Aluminum Extrusion Temperature Measurement
It is tough to measure the temperature of aluminum as it moves down the line as it is being extruded.  Contact temperature measurement is labor intensive, dangerous and not very accurate, but very low emissivity makes using a non-contact IR sensor very susceptible to environmental problems and alloy changes.  That is why the ratio-metric IR sensors were developed.  However, most designs cannot measure below 1000 degF.  That makes them useless for aluminum which melts at just over 1000 degF.  However, Williamson's dual and multi-wavelength IR sensors can detect temperatures as low as 200 degF.

Vibration Transmitters with HART protocol
Wilcoxon now has vibration transmitters that use HART protocol.  That means you can program them in the field after installation and it means you can work them into a plant wide network.  Wilcoxon is the only company making a HART enable vibration transmitter.

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Several manufacturers, process engineers, maintenance professionals, and paper laboratories from all around the United States trust Stapleman Corporation with their factory automation needs. In our long history of service, we have never failed to deliver the highest quality Williamson and Meggitt sensor products to our clients. Schedule an appointment with our factory automation experts today by giving us a call or sending us a message.

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